Top 6 Best Search Engines List other than Google

These are the best search engine alternatives to Google that can provide you with internet resources such as site search, maps, email, news and blogs, games, mobile services, instant messaging, and much more.

1. Bing

Microsoft owns this online search engine. Bing offers a number of search options, including web search, photographs, and videos.

Bing will use the Yahoo! Search engine thanks to a deal between Microsoft and Yahoo! The contract was amended in 2015, requiring Yahoo! Search to use Bing for the majority of searches only.

2. Yahoo!

Other web services include email, web search, blogs, news and updates, current events, photographs, videos, and so on. Verizon Communications owns the company, which has its headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. In the 1990s, Yahoo! was among the first search engines.

3. Ask.Com

Garrett Gruener and David Warthen founded a web search engine in Berkeley, California in 1996. The true aim of is for users to get answers to any question they may have. This is usually based on practical questions that users may ask, as well as keywords you search for. also offers a dictionary, as well as answers to math and other related questions.


A web search engine located in New York City that was formerly known as America Online. Oath, a Verizon Communications subsidiary, markets the brand. Because of the dial-up service offered to millions of Americans, was one of the first search engines in the mid-1990s, and famous web search in the United States. They also offer other services such as web search, email, and instant messaging.

5. Duckduckgo

Located in Paoli, Pennsylvania, this online search engine Duck, duck, goose is a popular children’s game. This search engine is primarily designed to protect searchers’ privacy and escape the “filter bubble” of customized search results, which means that Duckduckgo displays the same query results for all users for the same keywords, displaying not the most, but the best results for the searchers.


A online search engine that is related to a range of Internet services and applications for Windows and Windows Phones, as well as map service, email, and web search. began as a dial-up online subscription service and eventually evolved into an Internet service provider. It was first released on August 24, 1995, and Microsoft owns it. MSN’s most recent homepage template debuted in 2014.

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