Advanced Google AdWords Training

Advanced Google Adwords Training - will teach how to get started, how to create a campaign, ad group, research and choose the right keywords for a particular campaign. It also teaches you how to write the superpower ads that can maximize clicks through rate and conversions. Learn to create conversions, ad extensions and remarketing.

First Day Lecture

• Welcome to the Google AdWords course
• How to get started with Google AdWords
• How to create a campaign the effective way
• How to write super powerful ads
• Keywords the heart of your AdWords campaign

2nd Day Lecture

• Setting up payments and billing
• Creating your Google AdWords conversion campaign
• Google Adwords bid strategies advanced
• Enhancing your advert with ad extensions
• How you should approach your campaign results
• Remarketing the advanced way to achieve conversions

Advanced Google Adwords training

Duration and Fees:

  • Duration: 2 days of one on one training
  • Training starts at: 10 AM to 5 PM (Monday - Sunday)
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Tuition Fee: 10,000 pesos

  • Here's what you get after the training

  • A copy of certificate of completion
  • A copy of Google AdWords tutorial videos
  • A copy of presentations

  • A very affordable one on one Advanced Google AdWords training in Manila, Philippines!

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    What is AdWords?

    Google AdWords - is one of Google advertising service that helps businesses wants to display their advertisements on Google Search Engine and some other Google advertising network. These service enables businesses to decide the budget and bid strategy for a campaign and pay only when someone clicks their ads also known as PPC or pay per click. In order for the ads to show in Google search query a business needs to decide which keywords are going to use on ads service so that when someone is typing those same keywords on Google search the ads would appear on the right person at the right time.