5 Advantages of Using WordPress

5 Advantages of Using WordPress

WordPress is a full pledge website builder, it is an open-source content management system (CMS) that allows building and maintaining websites easier. It is the most friendly and the world’s most widely used site builder, in fact, WordPress is used by millions of website owners, bloggers, and advertisers to keep their web presence up to date.

WordPress is a web application that is free to install.  A simple interface that is driven by thousands of themes and plugins, reducing development costs and implementation time. It allows users to copy, modify, and use for their own purposes such as selling themes or plugins, as long as they do so under the General Public License or GPL.

Here are the five Advantages of Using WordPress

1.  Easy to use 

Unlike rivals such as Joomla or Drupal, you can create any website you want without using web development skills such as HTML, CSS, PHP, or other complex technology, allowing everyone to create a website with ease.

If you’re designing a website and want a more personalized and customized web design and functionality, you can collaborate with a web developer or just choose from a variety of WordPress themes and plugins, this frees up time that would be spent designing a website and focus more on other aspects of your business.

2. Customizable

WordPress as a site builder is taken to a new level by adding themes and plugins that make it easy to customize the website and improve user experience.

The number of plugins and themes available to you is limitless. Almost anyone can create a website for any kind of company using a variety of classic and modern themes, here are some examples of site types you can build.

  • E-Commerce
  • Membership Portal
  • Forum
  • Personal
  • Job
  • Business
  • Blogs

Furthermore, since WordPress was developed as a blogging website, it comes with built-in blogging features which automatically display the most recent blog posts on other pages of the site such as your home page, it helps to expand the company’s scope by making the website more dynamic and social. 

3. Upgrades Regularly

WordPress keeps up with the most recent technologies, user requirements, and developments.  In fact, WordPress upgrades on a regular basis, to ensure each feature remains current, that new enhancements are implemented, and that bugs are fixed. We can definitely say that WordPress is up to meet the challenge.

As a matter of fact, Gutenberg Project a.k.a the block editor is one of the most recent WordPress 5.0 Version updates.

Gutenberg Project, began as a WordPress plugin, allowing users to try it out and see if it would affect the way they edit content in WordPress, since then it has been integrated into the core of WordPress. It replaces the former WordPress classic editor, which used as the default post and page content editor. With Gutenberg, adding content is in individual “blocks” rather than one full content area.

The Gutenberg editor’s main aim was to make it easier for users to create more dynamic content. Gutenberg is also thought to be designed to help WordPress compete more closely with other website page-building sites.

4. Responsive to every device

Since more people are accessing the internet through mobile devices these days, make sure your site looks great on all devices, as Google considered “mobile-friendliness” when ranking websites. Fortunately, WordPress has a range of responsive themes as well as a number of plugins that will assist you in making the website mobile-friendly.

5. Excellent for SEO

Here are some of the reasons why WordPress is excellent for SEO

It’s Easy to Customize Meta Data

WordPress makes it simple to optimize each page for search engines. You can quickly add or modify title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs while creating a website page.

Site Speed

Google and other search engines considered site speed as a major site ranking factor. WordPress sites tend to load faster and can be even faster through the help of some plugins designed specifically for fast loading time.

Plugins designed for SEO

There are plugins designed especially to help with SEO. Yoast SEO Plugin is one of them; it provides tools for improving a page’s content using elements like title tags and meta descriptions, among other things. 

You may also use this plugin to generate an XML sitemap for your website. It’s important to give crawlers access to this file, as this will make the pages appear in the search index faster.

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