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WordPress training Philippines

You might hear the term WordPress but what really is a WordPress. WordPress is a free, open source (CMS) or content management system, it is base on the two important web scripting languages, PHP and MySQL. WordPress dynamic features are plugins and themes. At first WordPress was created specifically for blogging, but as time goes by, and by continued supports by other web developers, this CMS has become more versatile when it comes to its functionality, usefulness, and capabilities.

These are some types of web content that have been added including mailing lists, forums, media, galleries and the most recent is the online store. Adding to its versatility is the plugins extensions, which provide more functions for your website. WordPress used by more than 60 million websites, and it has been until now the most popular content management system in use.

These are four reasons why WordPress is the best content management system for your website.


Adding different themes, users may install or uninstall any themes he or she wishes too. Themes allow users to change the look and feel as well as of its functionality of the site as a whole without changing or altering the core code of the WordPress site. You can only use one theme per website, altering and editing the theme design can be done through the theme contents with the standards scripting languages like PHP, HTML, CSS. Themes are generally classified as free and premium. Free themes are also available to use inside the themes dashboard, while on the other hand premium themes are available to purchase from the various marketplace or by an individual freelance theme developer.

2. Plugins

WordPress plugins allow the users to extend functionality and features of their website, whether is a blog or business site. Plugins main purpose is to offer custom functionality, features which are tailor to a specific needs of the site. These are some custom made plugins like for a search engine optimization, a logged in system, a drag and drop page builders, an email marketing system, widgets, UX design, and many more. Not all plugins available in the marketplace are always addressed website specific needs, sometimes it can lead to site malfunctions, I suggest choosing a plugin with cautions and always seek a guidance from web developers before buying or installing a particular plugin and always read users reviews.

3. Mobiles

Many people nowadays are using smartphones and mobiles devices, WordPress is also adapted to this. Native applications exist for WebOS, Android, iOS, Windows Phones, and alike. WordPress REST API is now available to use by the web developers for them to develop the most advanced mobile and web applications.

4. Other features

WordPress also features a search friendly URL’s or clean permalink structure, an ability to create and assign categories for posts, tagging features, pingback, adding contents for a page or a post which can be done easily by the use of a plain text editor, a visual editor or an HTML editor.

These are just some of the features of WordPress, and also one of the advantages of WordPress is the regular upgrading of its features, functionalities, and capabilities which give us many reasons why we need to use this kind of web content management system.

WordPress SEO Training Course in the Philippines is a one on one hands-on training center that offers the basic WordPress training and advanced WordPress Training, a knowledge that are very useful for your career or business. Feel free to contact us at 0927-6105840 and feel free to read about the hands-on course


  1. Inno Reyes says:

    How much does this course cost? Also, when is the schedule? Thank you.

    • romaralicpala says:

      The WordPress training is divided into 2, for Basic WordPress, the cost is 6 thousand pesos for 2 days of training and for Advanced WordPress it’s 9 thousand pesos for 3 days.
      The schedule is of training is from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. Choose the dates you wish to attend and we will reserve for you.

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