The importance of Google Tag Manager (GTM) when combined with Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager (GTM) when combined with Google Analytics, Why is so important?

The importance of Google Tag Manager (GTM) when combined with Google Analytics

Analyze and interpret the data is very important especially in business. However, despite the effort to learn it, more often it only leads to confusions and frustrations.

For a few good reasons many people spend their time learning Google Analytics, but you tend to forget some of its benefits especially when combining it to Google Tag Manager (GTM). When these two combined it becomes the most powerful marketing tool that you can have to find out the true value of your pages.

For example, if the purpose of the page is to gather visitors who want to subscribe or requesting a quote by an email form, quickly we can fetch the data and review it at the same time through Google Analytics.

Now, you can analyze the data more effectively and make some adjustments for page improvements. What Google Tag Manager actually does is to track visitor’s behavior while visiting the page of your site, to track, First, you need to add the tracking code on the header of the pages that you want to track.

One example for this is if one of the page’s purpose is to track how many will download a PDF file related to the services or the company’s products. If a visitor clicked the download button on a page, Google Tag Manager will then track how many downloaded it and send it to Google Analytics for recording and viewing purposes, this is a great way to know how effective your page is for the visitors.

GTM is easy to use because you don’t need for deeper learning or coding skills, you will learn it easily without the need of experts help. If you are just new to GTM, don’t be worry because there are plenty of tutorials out there that can be found on a search engine like Google.

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